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Sharping Leatherman Wave

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    Michael Akunowicz
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    Can the Wicked Edge sharpen a Leatherman Wave at 15 or 16 degree beval on each side if yes how ? IF it can not what would be the lowest beval ? If it can not be sharpen would the Low Angle Adapter help if so how ?

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    Michael, I would think if you could find a way to mount the blade portion, without any of the bulk of the other gadget getting in the way of the sharpening paddles, then I say yes, you should be able to sharpen it ?
    I am not sure about such a low angle though as I had trouble just this morning trying to put a factory ( 14 degree ) bevel on a Wusthof Grand Prix II pairing knife. I could not do the factory bevel because the blade is so short and thin, that the stones of the paddle hit the top, clamp tightening screw sticking out on the right side of the vise………..I finally had to settle for a 20 degree bevel to get it done….and I would imagine the low angle adapter would have helped and is probably a wise investment to make, just to have it around.

    I also learned the hard way to not be in a hurry ( like I was ) and to pay full attention ( like I WASN’T ) to what your doing, because I just about sliced off the corner of my left thumb by being careless……was at the Micro-Fine ceramics level when I did it, so the blade was definitely Wicked Sharp and it let me know in short order.

    Next investment: KEVLAR GLOVES ! :sick:

    Leo Barr
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    If you can get that low why do it the factory angle is about right for a knife which is built for abuse the steel is not that tough on Leatherman very poor in comparison to the Victorinox Multi tool.
    If it is solely for having a big mirror finish bevel then do it otherwise stick to the factory bevel if you intend using it .
    It been a tool type knife the chances are you will misuse the blade like people do with Leatheman plus if you break it they fix it if you send it to them .

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    My 2 cents.

    Narrow thick paring, leatherman, utility types are more of a PITA than large blades.
    Too thick all the way to the edge.
    So I go wide.
    They are working blades.

    Dennis Gocong
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    The real answer depends on which WE system you have. The answer is yes as long as you have the blade elevated, since the taller the blade the narrower you can get on your desired angle. So the WE Pro I works as long as you have a riser to go with it, and or the WE Pro II works since it has a built in riser block.

    Of course nothing stops you from reprofiling the blade as desired just like others have posted, so it’s really up to you. Just note that in general angles >20° are more durable and last longer than angles <20°.

    Whatever you do, have fun with it!

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