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Sandvik 14C28N?

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    James Bare
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    How does this steel compare to other blade steels like 154cm, 440c, AUS-8, etc? I just bought a Kershaw with this blade steel and I am curious about it. I figure it’s a pretty good steel from looking at the make up of it just haven’t had any knives with it before.

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    I’ve experience with most of Sandvik’s current 1x steels, except for 14C28 :). That is 12C27, 13C26 and 19C27.

    As a sharpener I love these steels: they are all very fine-grained. 13C26 is my all-time favourite steel. There is no stainless steel I have gotten sharper than 13C26. It doesn’t have the best wear-resistance, however.

    19C27 has better wear-resistance than 13C26, at a slight cost in its ability to take an edge. 12C27 has a little less carbon and is (I think) the budget variety and/or easier to work with. I haven’t been able to get it as sharp as 13C26.

    According to zknives 14C28n has a similar composition as 13C26. It has slightly less carbon and 1% more chromium in it (as well as some nitrogen). This is consistent with reports on the internet that it was developed to be a bit more stainless than 13C26. Apparently 13C28n was developed by Sandvik in cooperation with Kershaw; hence you see it almost exclusively in Kershaw knives.

    Here[/url] is an overview of these steels at the Sandvik site.

    It’d be great if someone could give us first-hand reports of 14C28n. I’m curious whether it takes and edge like 13C26 and how its edge retention is.

    [Edit: there is no *stainless* steel I have gotten sharper than 13C26. There are carbon steels, like Hitachi white and blue, that take an even more wicked edge.]

    Molecule Polishing: my blog about sharpening with the Wicked Edge

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    Being a Kershaw fan, I’ve got a few knives in that steel. I’m not good at comparing, but it will take a great high polished edge and hold it well… and it’s easy to touch up when it starts to dull.

    I have had a couple of the “bead blast” finishes show rust spots… you’ll see threads on this elsewhere, and I found it to be true. (Which is surprising because it’s supposed to be very corrosion resistant). From what I read, it’s the particular finish that causes this. Doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but something to be aware of.

    I think you’ll find it will work well for you!

    James Bare
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    So far I am liking it. It sharpened up quick and took a really good edge. I am not too sure about the stonewashed finish though, but that’s cosmetic I can deal with it. I got the random task II and with the thin edge it slices and cuts effortlessly, even if all I am doing is cutting the plastic holding 6 pack soda bottles so I can get me one. I have it in my edc rotation with my 2 D2 benchmades. It will be interesting to see how it compares as far as edge holding.

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