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    Greetings!  New WEPster (PP2) here.

    In keeping with my uncanny tendency to choose the worst option when presented with several options, I applied a whole syringe of diamond paste to my brand new strops. Yes both. Don’t ask. Not surprisingly, this created quite a mess and resulted with a goodly portion of the paste being discarded.  Aside from the waste, must I consider any lasting damage to the strops?  Also, am curious if once a strop has been “pasted”, can one switch to spray, or must I use dedicated strops?  (And yes, I know not to spray the whole bottle.) Many thanks for your thoughts.


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    Hi Mike, welcome to the forum. A whole syringe, wow! 😉 You need only a pearl-sized drop. Just scrape the excess off with a knife and you won’t have done any damage to your strops.

    Once you’ve applied a particular paste or spray you should only apply another paste or spray that is coarser. If it is finer than the original stuff, the original coarse abrasive will still dominate.

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    Welcome Mike,I needed a good laugh today-stick around,you can learn a lot here-I know I have,a bunch of tips and good info.

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