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One good reason to have a sharp knife!

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    Leo James Mitchell
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    Although I can’t get out and about in the wilds due to health reasons, I try to teach my grandson Owen some skills in the back-yard so he will be a knowledgeable woodsman some day.
    I taught Owen how to build a fire using a fire-steel…the other day we decided to try and roast some marsh mellows so his Auntie Dar could see how well he could build a fire and so she could have a roasted marsh mellow, she really loves them. The weather did not co-operate as it began to rain, again. We tried it during a break in the rain, but the wood was a little wet and the rain started again in earnest so we showed off his fire starting skills (used some paper too) and left it at that. To get the little fire going we used the Bark River Gunny knife to shave off some slivers of wood as easy combustibles along with some dryer-lint as starter for the fire.
    Owen and I getting the fire started.

    You can see the Gunny better in this shot…lower right close to my hand. Owen is only eight so I do the shaving of the wood but he knows it will be his first knife in a few years.

    If you look carefully, you can also see my bald spot! Sigh! LOL!
    Owen’s fire wasn’t letter perfect , but is a whole lot better than the first one he built. He has to learn and understand about fire and its need for air circulation to blossom it out. More small combustibles and a higher peak to the tent of kindling Owen!

    Come on and post your experiences with a knife! The WEPS gets them sharp so they baton or make fuzz-sticks well and more safely.


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    Its always good to teach the grandkids outdoor skills. We go to blackpowder shoots and our grandson has been using a flint and steel to start fires for quite some time now. Grandma actually taught him how. Of Course I had to teach her.
    Me being a knife nut since my early days my grandson when very little always wanted to go thru my knife drawer. We probably did this at least twice a week. About a month ago I laid out twenty knives of assorted flavors from pocket knives to bayonets and told him to pick out 10 of his favorites to take home to his knife drawer. Any way a half hour later he was still trying to decide which ones he wanted. Very hard process for a 13 year old to do. I dont think he ever thought about anything so hard in his life. More like stressed out, it was really fun to watch him make his decision. So when he finally decided which 10 he wanted and had them packed up to go I told him to pack them all which was my original intention anyway. It sure was fun though to watch him try to figure out what he wanted. Its a memory only my oldtimers disease will erase.
    Thanks again Leo for keeping outdoors skills alive in your neck of the woods.


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    That is awesome.

    Spend all the time teaching you can. My father died when my son was under a year old. One of my biggest regrets is my son (and now daughter) will not be able to hang out with my Dad and learn.

    jeff williams
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    WHAT…you mean It’s not a law we have to carry a pocket knife!

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