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    Jerrie Barber
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    I am new to WEPS, however, everything that I use and/carry is now sharper than ever. I have carried a knife since the age of 7 when my grand father gave me my first pocket knife, and started me on a journey of collecting and sharpening.
    I have been a hand sharpener, natural stone sharpener, man made stone sharpener, Lansky sharpener, Razor Edge sharpener, back to hand sharpener, and now I am in it to win it with the WEPS system. I appreciate the links that some have posted and am looking forward to learning more, and getting better with my new sharpening system.

    Leo James Mitchell
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    Welcome here Jerrie! You will love the WEPS and your knives will be sharper than you could imagine. There are many here to ask for advice and you may be able to advise them too from time to time. That’s what we do here, share experiences and knowledge. Good to have you aboard mate!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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