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My summer trip – Lots of sharpening fun!

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    Hello again, everyone! I’m finally back home after literally running around the world a couple of times, and stopping in on a few states along the way!

    It started off in early June with the Blade show, where I met up with Clay and Kay – just to mention a few names. Here’s the writeup[/url], which I already posted a while back.

    10 days after the Blade show, I was back in the States on a 3 week whirlwind tour that started off at Chicago’s Northwestern University for a sharpening seminar, and I met up with a local sharpener as well as meeting up in person with a knife forum member. Here’s that writeup[/url].

    I left Chicago and headed straight to Houston Texas, where I gave another reed knife sharpening seminar. It’s a little off the usual knife sharpening path for most people here, but it was a great time! Here’s that writeup[/url].

    Then a 2 day rest, where I literally slept one of them away before having our Sharpening Party, which included Ken Schwartz and Ron Swartz (not related!) We also had a local sharpener, John Fortune, and a very accomplished Japanese Sword polisher. We also had a couple of international guests vis Skype. Read all about it here[/url]!

    If you’re not sitting down yet, there’s more! The final leg of the trip[/url] took me to Sharpsville, PA to see knife maker G. Nicholas Sass, where he made me a knife. I then headed through to Ohio for a double reed convention, and was even able to squeeze in an all too short lunch meeting with Nasty, a supermod over on the knife forums. There’s also a video of him giving me some much needed sharpening pointers! And the biggest surprise was seeing a representative for the WICKED EDGE at the show – and it wasn’t me!!!

    So for those of you waiting for your Chosera WEPS stones, they will be in the mail to Clay tomorrow! I hope you can understand why they have been out of stock for so long….

    Now I need to get caught up on all the action here!

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    Hey Tom, good to read you’re back. You’ve been missed 😉 . Obviously I had read your travel post already and great to read you had such a good time! I guess more than one person here was getting envious…

    Molecule Polishing: my blog about sharpening with the Wicked Edge

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