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Finally got my PP2

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    Hi there

    Happy days!! I finally got my Pro Pack 2 after 8(!) weeks of delivery time (out of which 3 weeks was USPS shipping).

    Last night I went through 9 crappy “practice” knives, starting with re-profile at 100 grit and then going all the way up to the micro fine ceramics. On the 8th knife (a low cost no name fillet kitchen knife) I actually got it to whittle hair on some parts of the blade, so now I’m happy!! Next step is to start using the strop and paste as well…

    I thought I’d add two low cost suggestion for European customers to the WE team as well:
    1) Include an Allen key for the screws that attach the WE to its base. (Since I had to sink them in to my base the “vise key” was not long enough to reach them and most “normal” Allen keys in Europe is in mm instead of inch, so I had to dig a round a bit before I found one that fit.)
    2) Include a few washers for the screws that attach the WE to its base. (Since I ordered without the WE base to lower shipping costs the screws where not a perfect fit to my custom made base.)

    Otherwise it is a really nice product and it feels very solid.

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