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Blades without sharpening notches

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    What’s the best way to sharpen that last 3/16 of an inch that can’t be reached with the stones?

    Do I need to grind off  the plastic so I can get the stone right up to the ricasso (I think that’s the proper term).

    Thanks for any help.

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    That’s what I did. Just one side of each. The barrel sandpaper tip on the dremel worked best for me.  Wear eye protection and watch out for that hot plastic when ur grinding.

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    Grinding off the plastic is one way. Another way, which I did, is to make a sharpening notch in the knife (I did this on a Spyderco Tenacious). And of course you could settle for a little unsharpened part of the blade. But really, I don’t understand why they design such knives. Definitely not with use/sharpening in mind.

    Molecule Polishing: my blog about sharpening with the Wicked Edge

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