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Blade Buttress

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    Bill Kirkley
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    I have only sharpened a few blades but noticed the thinner blades deflect when I sharpened the end. I made the buttress pictured below and have tried it and it looks like it is going to work well.

    The down side is you have to change it to the side opposite the side you are sharpening; so there is a lot of back and forth that adds time to the procedure.

    As you can see in the photos there are three screws. One is to attach the devise to the sharpener in the desired location. The second screw is to raise the buttress rod to the desired height. The third screw is to slide the buttress rod against the blade.

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    That’s pretty awesome!


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    Could you notch the center of the rod and raise it up to catch the spine of the knife in the notch?

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

    Bill Kirkley
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    Thanks Clay

    HodMa 1, Yes, you could notch it. It might be better to put a pin in it. I don’t think it would add much to catch the spine though.

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    wow, that is awesome! definitely needed something like that on some of the kitchen knives i sharpened.

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