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    I just purchased a Benchmade Meatcrafter that has their “SelectEdge”. It is incredibly sharp and will whittle hair out of the box. Does anybody know how they do this?

    Im still getting the hang of the WE. My skills are getting better, but I have yet to get a blade hair whittling sharp. Any suggestions for me? I have all the diamond stones from 50 all the way through 2200. I also have the ceramics and leather strips with paste.

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    Knifecenter talked about the “SelectEdge” when it came out. He said it was basically just a narrower angle and better sharpening job than your run of the mill Benchmade. Sounds like that one you got is a winner. I’d want to look at it under magnification.

    I have almost no idea how factories sharpen knives. But I can say even the budget knives I have picked up in the last couple years have better than expected edges. makes sense that higher end stuff would be much better.

    I remember one Cold Steel Bushman I got a long long time ago looked like it only was sharpened on one side. I used a file and some sandpaper to get it close to what was on the sharpened side. Took a little work and since they were only 13 dollars or something back then I didn’t really mind.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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