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2 ESEE Survival Knives

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    Leo James Mitchell
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    This post will add to Clay’s post in another category on his new knife the Laser Strike from ESEE
    The Laser Strike and the ESEE-5 are 2 excellent knives seriously meant for survival as well as general bushcraft duties. They are both 5 inch blades of 1095 tool steel. They come with toothy 20 degree per side edges but I have played with various edges fro 18 to 22 degrees per side and I have narrowed them down to 21 or 22 per side preferably.

    The Laser Strike is an old pattern knife that was discontinued a few years ago, but is now being revived by ESEE. This knife has a skeletonized full tang and scales which are easily removable. Stored inside are a fire-steel and some kindling fast burn tabs for quick start fires under emergency conditions. Also the skeletonization has been done in such a way as to permit the knife to be easily lashed to a pole to make a spear when that is necessary. This is facilitated by the design of the blade which is a full spear point. ESEE has also added a divit in the handle that can be used when making a fire with a bow drill. The upright piece of wood which has the bowstring twisted around it rests in the divit. Nice touch. Clay has observed that this knfe will also do nicely for field dressing.
    The ESEE-5 is a formidable survival blade. It is a five inch + blade thick and heavy. Some will say too heavy to carry around while hiking or hunting. I would hate to carry it, but love to have it when the going gets tough. It will chop, slash, slice, split and pry like a small crow-bar. The chance of any human injuring this knife is extremely slim since the blade is over a quarter inch thick of tough 1095 tool steel. I have put ebony scales on mine, but the original comes with micarta scales like the Laser Strike with a similar divit for fire starting with a bow drill. I have placed a 22 degree per side edge on mine and so this is one beast of a knife/pry bar with a scary sharp edge. It is a knife that would never fail. Ideal for carrying around in your car or for use in the garage and back yard too. Both these knives are high quality as to fit anf finish and I doubt for the price that one could do much better when outfitting oneself for a survival event. They are both great knives.


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