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Wusthof Bevel Angles

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    Suggestion:  This thread is from 8/04/2014.  This coming August will put this thread at 6 years old!  Start a new thread if you want users to respond as who knows if the original posters to it are even still around?

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    Marc is still around.

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    Looked to me like it had never been resolved so that’s why I opened the topic back up.

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    Brand new here and just got a Gen 3 and have a whole set of Wusthof to sharpen. I am also very interested in this topic. I have the santuko to sharpen and can’t believe the angle quoted in the beginning of the thread. Would love to hear from others.

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    CSB, We never did get any answer from Wusthof we trusted.  I learned to use the sharpie marker method to match the existing bevels…if they are still original. (See post pasted at the top of this page for help doing that). If the bevels have been changed, (i.e., re-profiled), with some sharpening method or an attempt to, then I would recommend 17º-18º per side.  This seems to work well with the hardness steel that Wusthof uses in most of their knives.

    The knife sharpness is more about the quality and consistency of your sharpening effort and less about the specific angle of the bevel.  Pretty much anything between 15º per side and 20º per side will work for any kitchen knife.  15º may wear out, suffer damage or roll over too fast due to it’s acuteness and 20º may not perform as well as you expect it should.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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