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    I’ve wanted one of these sharpeners for a very long time, and I always shied away from the price.  Things have been well lately and I bought the basic Wicked Edge Go system with a deluxe bag, and  the 800/1000 stones.  I put my CRKT Squid in there for a little bit of a test on a relatively affordable knife, and I am amazed.  The 200 grit stone reprofiled the edge effortlessly, removed all the chips from the blade and made a really consistent edge.  The 600, 800, and 1000 grit made it incredibly sharp.  I cannot be more impressed.  Clearly I have the entry level tool, but I’m incredibly excited about it.  I’m sure I have many hours of learning in front of me for now.  I can already see that I need to pay more attention at the start of my stroke and refine the motion to get more cutting right at the heel of the blade.  I’ve got plenty to read here for now. I just wanted to share my initial impression and say hello to the community here.

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    Welcome to the Wicked Edge Forum DCXLII

    The WEGO is a very precise and versatile sharpening device and an economical entry level alternative as you have learned.

    There is a specific forum for WEGO users:  although it has only seen limited participation.  The sharpening principles and techniques are the same across all the WEPS devices.  With experience and attention to detail there is no reason you won’t achieve the same wickedly sharp results.  Enjoy your journey.  We’re here to help!





    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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    Dave Jessee
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    Have had my WEGO a couple of months now. Although it is the least costly of the WE sharpeners I wouldn’t consider it entry level sharpener. In it’s own right it is a high level sharpener.

    The reason so little participation in the WEGO Forum is due to the way the link for it is set up. It’s kind of buried on the WE Forum.

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