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Wicked Edge Pro Pack I Upgraded to Pro Pack II

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    Finally got a gen 3 so I’m selling the old one and don’t have the space for 2.

    This is a Pro Pack I upgraded to Pro Pack II, which includes upgraded bar, arms, ball joints, rods, and clamp riser. Sharpens angles 13-35 degrees.

    Also included:
    Paper base
    80/200 grit diamond stones (non-WE but never used)
    Low angle adapter
    Alignment tool
    Blade holders
    Factory spare screws
    Wixey electronic angle guide (wr300)
    Original bar and guide rods
    Plexi resting plate (attached to base via inserts and brass screws)

    The only blemish is some rubbing on the clamp where the stones rubbed because I was sharpening a shorter knife at a low angle. The blemish is only cosmetic and has no adverse effect on function.

    Not sure how much shipping would be, but I will pay to ship, I just ask buyer to pay PP fees. $320 shipped+fees.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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