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    i purchased a wicked edge pro pack one with the upgraded arms and an accessory case. One of my strops were defective. it just took one voice mail and a phone call back. in a blink of an eye the strop was in my mail box in hawaii i might add. to any one thinking about bying a wicked edge system i would highly recomed it not just cause it puts a wicked edge on but due to their customer service. IT ROCKS to say the least!!!!!
    We all have proably left voice mails with no phone call back or been stuck in the phone trees and gotten aggravated with other companys but not with wicked edge. Thank you for your great customer service and treating customers like we are all individual that are important. you never see this any more Lance from hawaii.
    FWIW a lady friend of mine is a knife nut and loves to cook i just started to sharpen all her knives and it put a smile on her face when she uses the knives in the kitchen. The food even tastes better. Must be made with love

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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