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Who uses 50 and 80 Ultra/Extra Coarse Stones?

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    I just wanted to ask some of the people that have the 50/80 stones if they found any irregularity’s in the thickness of the stone on the platens one of my 50s is a full 16th out of the platen then the other end of the same stone.

    Can you post a pic of all your stones lined up next to each other; from your post, sounds like it should be a noticeable difference between the 50/80 and all the others?

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    I would think if it’s that far off, you’d be able to tell in use? I measured mine, and there’s no real difference like that. I’d definitely pay attention to how it works, if you can’t tell then no biggie, but if it is that big a difference, I’d consider replacing it.

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    I haven’t noticed any problems. If its really out and causes a problem I think WE would replace it.

    Since having mine now for a while I use them sparingly. The 100’s do fine for most of my folders. I will use the 50/80s in the future when I have a ton of material to remove on thicker spines. And then try not to raise a big burr with them.

    Lukas Pop
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    How many knives did it take to wear down your 100 grit to be finer than your 200? Thought I read somewhere that the diamonds would be to sharpen around 500 knives.

    Hi TedS, I did about 25 reprofiles. If you don’t need to reprofile, the amount of work is much less. The edges after 100 grit look very well under microscope now, but the speed of reprofiling is reduced. I don’t know how long this state will persist. But it seems to me that diamonds are rounded only, not removed from the base, so I think they have much time ahead. I suppose finer grits to endure very long as you don’t use (you shouldn’t) pressure when refining the edge.[/quote]
    Good news. I have washed my stones thoroughly with dishes cleaner and old toothbrush, and my 100s cuts much faster now 🙂

    Dennis Gocong
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    Yep, sonic cleaning does the same thing in less time as well. Note when cleaning, only submerge the face of each grit surface, don’t submerge the whole paddle as it may cause damage to the adhesive that holds the diamond plates in place.

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