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Who stops after the 1000# Diamonds?

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    Who stops after the 1000# diamonds stones? (no other stones, stropping, nada, done)

    I did a heavy 1095 field knife and a small D2 fixed blade today only to the 1000# diamonds. They are sharp, but not as smooth or clean cutting (using phone book paper slice test) as my regular EDC pocket knives. By “field” knife I mean for survival, bush crafting, fire making, but not for hunting. A hunting knife I would use finer stones to get sharper.

    So who stops at 1000# and why? How sharp can you get stopping at this point?

    tuffy braithwaite
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    at the fairs, i normally stop at 600 to 800 depending on the knife – higher grades i move thru. the 1,000’s, but i use both sets of ceramic paddles, especially if i stop at 600 on kitchen knives.

    it is funny, i am working on a vid right now of a long victorinox knife that i am sending to a fish buddy in S.C. for skinning fish.

    i stopped at 1,000 on it and then moved to ceramics and the leather strop on board. – god is it sharp, but like u said, the polish is just so – so, but perfect for fish skinning – my opinion only.


    Leo Barr
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    Looking good plus Victorinox use good steel it is certainly better than Leatherman & Gerber steel.

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