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    mitch roberson
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    Well My name is Mitch Roberson and I am a USMC veteran. My dad bought me my first pocket knife and with it he explained to me how important it was to have a sharp knife. That was over 35 years ago. I bought my first tri stone shortly there after. And tried to keep a good edge on my knife it was never fantastic and to be honest the factory edge seemed better.
    My dad tried for years as well and I have stones he has worn down to almost nothing trying to get a hair shaving edge. I had thought he was a pretty good sharpener as we would often work together on different knives. I would leave and he would still be working then in the next day or 2 I would see him with his knife and it was really sharp. Come to find out he was buying new knives when he could not get the others as sharp as he liked. Those were special times to me. My dad has since passed. But that memory of us sharpening together has stuck. So now that I have learned the whole story I have started studying how to sharpen in more detail. I have purchased books, And read many as well as watched many video’s. I recently purchased the edge pro apex. And that helped me to understand sharpening better. But I wanted to the consistency each and every time which is hard to do with the edge pro.
    So now I have purchased the Wicked edge with upgrade to the pro 2 arms. (really wanted GEN3 but could not wait any longer) and am waiting on it to arrive. Hope it will be here this week. I still want to be able to do some of knives by hand and will continue to practice true hand sharpening. But also want to be able to put serious edges on not only my knives but my moms and family’s It was something my dad always wanted to do.

    David Mullen
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    Thanks for sharing your story. I think we are all in pursuit of the same thing: consistently sharp knives. I’ve tried various systems, but have found the WEPS to be the most trouble free approach. My 19 year old son is also into knives, collecting, and sharpening. It’s a great way to spend time together.

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    Welcome Mitch and thank you for your service.

    You will pay for your WE very quickly if you stop buying new knives when the old ones get dull. :woohoo:

    Not only that you will easily get them sharper than almost all factory edges. I have yet to find a factory edge better than what I can do with the WE.

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