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Which WEPS Base?

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    My paperstone base just came in today! Woot! Now I can switch out the 35 pound chunk of steel I was using.

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    Just an opinion….. But I think the paperstone was a little light. I wished it was another pound or so heavier. Had a little more movement when I was using it than I would have liked. But maybe I am just a little heavy handed! I am 6’6″ and about 250. So I end up gorilla gripping most stuff.

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    Can’t help it but I love the granite. Pretty much bullet proof, solid, can’t hurt it and it LOOKS GOOD! Clay did not have any granite when I ordered my sharpener so, I went to my local granite guy, picked out a piece from his trash bin, he cut it to size and finished the corners. He didn’t even charge me but even if he did, it wouldn’t have been much. I went to Home Depot and bought the bit to drill it on my press, took 2 minutes using the provided template. Whenever someone sees the sharpener, it’s always the base they comment on first.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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