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Which Fine Grit To Buy

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    Hi Knife Experts

    I just ordered a WE120 and would like to get some advice on additional stones to get, if any, to supplement what comes in the kit.

    Most of my sharpening will be kitchen knives and some pocket knives.  My WE120 kit will come with stones up to 600 grit. I’m wondering whether I should get finer grit stones and if so, what level. Here’s the situation:

    • I would like to get sharp edge and don’t mind touching up the edge every few months to keep the blades sharp.
    • I’m not looking to put a mirror edge on any of these knives for cosmetic reasons.  Just want functionality for cutting.
    • I have a mix of European knives that will take 20 degree sharpening and some Japanese blades that will require a smaller angle (15 degrees ?) and one Sushi knife that is sharpened only on one side of the blade.

    I’d like some advice on whether to buy 800, 1000 or higher grit stones for my WE120? I know this is a bit subjective, but I would like to get the opinions of those who are more informed than I am and some recommendations on the max grit I should buy given what I hope to accomplish.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Welcome to the Wicked Edge Forum Mark.

    This is from a reply I posted to another new user’s recently asked similar question:

    First, it can take about 10 knives sharpened with each new sharpening stone grit before they’re broken in and they begin to yield their best results.  The finer grit stones will break in sooner with less use then the coarser grit stones.

    Ask any experienced W.E. user which grit should I buy next and the answer is likely, more.  If you get into knife sharpening with your W.E. sharpener eventually you’ll end up with most every grit stone offered and other mediums, too.

    I think the 800/1000 grit is needed. They will definitely be used alot.  I’d recommend at least one strop set, too.  I like the 4µ/2µ set as a starter strop.

    You’ll likely find the need to use the low angle adapter, (LAA), W.E. sells and a pair of longer guide rods, along with a Digital Angle Device to precisely measure and set your bevel angles.   These can be purchased separately too.

    Here’s another important link to a helpful forum thread for determining and using a correction factor to properly set your guide rod angles for flat ground knives clamped in your standard vise WE120 setup.  (You’ll probably want to save this link for when you realize you need it).

    Sharpening your Japanese knife steels will be a whole separate conversation for later.  After you learn the Wicked Edge sharpening basics on your other knives we can address them.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Thanks Marc

    I really appreciate the advice.  With the holiday coming, I’ll let Santa know I need some additional sharpening stones.

    The WE120 will sharpen down to 13 degrees out of the box.  The Low Angle kit you mention in your post will sharpen blades in the 9-11 degree range. I only have one Japanese Sushi knife, so I’m have to think about whether it’s worth the investment in the low angle kit to sharpen just one blade.  Perhaps the best approach would be to learn how to sharpen my other blades first and build some skill.  Then I can better decide on whether to take on FFG sharpening and make the investment in the low angle kit.

    I’ve book marked the Youtube video on FFG sharpening for future use.

    Thanks much and have a good holiday.

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    I went with the 1500/glass paddle. After the 800/1000 it does a great finishing job. You can put the coarsest diamond film on the glass. Also, sharpening down to 9 dps while extremely sharp leaves a lot to be desired for edge durability.

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