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    • Does anyone here live in the Rochester NY area? I could really use some one on one assistance. Im having a bit of trouble getting an edge. Im not sure if I can fix the aftermath of the mistakes I’ve made while practicing, and this is making it seem like even if I get my techniques right, I won’t know because¬† the edge Im working with is so bad. I could get a new knife to start fresh with, but don’t want to mess up another if my techniques are wrong.
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    I’m located in central MA, so about a 6 hour drive away and probably too far. I think we have a few other forum members in NY state, so perhaps one of them will offer to help. My suggestion is to go to your nearest thrift store and find a few used kitchen knives to practice on. This way, if you destroy one of them while working you will only have been out a few dollars. If you end up putting a good edge on them then they make for a good way to gift someone a “new” chef knife that will blow them away.

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    Dennis Hibar
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    This was active quite some time ago (probably much longer ago than I can remember, since I am not sure the link can easily be located here):

    Wicked Edge Users Map

    No one on the map in the Rochester area ….. but, like I said, doubt if anyone even remembers that the map is available to use.¬† Maybe a sticky thread could get this thing going again.

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