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What type of knife is this?

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    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know what kind of knife this is?  I ended-up buying it a swap meet years ago.  Someone had told me it was an asparagus knife, but I do not think that is correct after looking into it. It will get used more in the garden for harvesting fruits and vegetables.

    This is about my 6th knife sharpening so far on the wicked edge system.  It’s getting hard to find older knives to work on around the house to help break in the stones.  I took it up to 1000 grit, but I have no strops (as of yet).  It was (for me) a harder knife to sharpen than the flatter kitchen style knives and folding knives I had done before so.

    Thanks for @MarcH for his tips to me in the past.  It made a difference with removing the scratches from the previous grits.

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    I agree with your assessment.  It reminds me of the knives I’ve seen used by migrating farmers that follow the seasons relocating with the next vegetable crops they’ll be picking.  I’ve seen videos as those pickers chop the vegetables free, through their stalks, followed with a few more chopping cuts, while the veggie is hand held, to manicure the cut veggies, like lettuce, celery and greens for packing.  (It appears when I looked into it, asparagus are cut one stalk at a time with a small short knife.)

    It has that machete look, to it.  The large rounded belly down from the tip gives the knife heft and enhances momentum so it’s easier to swing. With nothing to gage the length by, I’m guessing it’s knife length, like 8-10″ or you would have had difficulty clamping and sharpening it with the W.E.  A cuved or odd shaped knife like that, I always prefer to tackle sharpening it, in sections.  It’s easier for me, that way, to follow the curves.  I try to work my strokes directions so they are parallel to the edge.  I blend the sections at the end of each grit with overlapping sharpening strokes to even out the scratch patterns.

    I wouldn’t place high expectations on the sharpening results with this knife.  I doubt it’s more then stamped high carbon steel.  It may even lack hardening and tempering.  I suspect it’s meant to cut through brute force impact and not with the keenest of the edge.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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