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    Having been a woodworker for years and a member of several woodworking forums, I can’t say enough about how much customer service effects which companies survive and thrive and which companies disappear.  Word travels quickly on the forums.

    Now that I’m officially a WE user, I can’t say enough about WE customer service, but it goes beyond that, for sure.  I don’t know what the WE business philosophy/strategy is, but it really feels like they truly want you to get it, understand it and get the same thrill that they get from it.  It’s almost like, their just so into it all and they want to gather others into their passion and selling is just a sideline to keep their passion going.

    Selfish me…I hope they never outgrow that passion and that desire to draw others in, to share their passion.   Believe me, I”ll make sure other woodworkers learn about WE.

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    Clay has a top quality product and has surrounded himself with a quality team as well. Their customer service has a well earned reputation for excellence.

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