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WE130 2017

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    Hello, I came across the a we130 package for sale at a good price  from a vendor. It says it is a 2017 version. Just want to check if this has significant difference than the current model. Did we130 receive major upgrade after since 2017? Thank you.

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    Yes it did.  The early 2017 model, the Gen 3 Vise used in the WE130 did not have the clamping tension adjuster feature.  Later in 2017 is when  this new tensioner feature was introduced.  If the set-up has the tension adjuster and a vertical split halfway down the middle of the jaws, then you’ve got the newer 2017 version.

    The other differences you can see in the early 2017 or before models, they had a larger more square shaped pair of black end brackets with two hexed black plastic thumb knobs to lock the angles and micro-angle adjustments, on each end bracket.  Whereas the newer versions have a pair of smaller more rounded shaped black mini “L” brackets with a large knurled knob-wheel jam nut to lock the micro-angle adjusters and a hex inset solid steel thumb screw to lock the brackets.

    The tensioner and split jaw on the newer version vise is a nice feature and allows tighter and more secure clamping for a larger variety of knife sizes and shapes.

    Also, just this last year, the WE130 with the Gen 3 Vise was again updated with some newer internal springs and bearing parts that helps the vise work a little bit smoother and may improve it’s clamping and longevity.

    If the model you found is offered at a really good price, there are upgrade parts available if you choose to go that route.

    This is the older 2017 model WE130 shown here:




    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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