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    I am looking at the following models of sharpener.

    WE Go vs WE Field & Sport vs Field & Sport Pro.

    The GO does not have the micro adjusters. Anything else other than stones I have missed.

    The Field & Sport is over double the price of the Go and the Pro is 4 times the price of the Go.

    Are the field & sport models worth the extra other than the difference in the stone costs? Ie buy a Go and buy extra stones?




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    It’s depends on what you are looking for in your sharpening. The Go comes with the very basics and I believe will give good results. The Sport and Field has a closer progression and a better capability to match existing bevels on knives due to the micro adjusters, which means less re profiling.

    The pro has a superior clamp, in my opinion, and more stones to refine even further.

    If you buy more stones for the Go keep in mind that it comes with 200/600 and the others come with 100/200, 400/600 and with the pro 800/1000. The sport and pro are going to give you “better” results I believe, but if your after just putting a sharp edge on your knives the Go should do the job.

    Again it depends on what you want in your edges. You could buy the 800/1000 stones to go with the Go and get a more refined edge but the closer you keep the progression of stones the easier it is to get the scratches and edge refined.

    I use a WE130, but I have ordered the WE Go and am looking forward to seeing what it will do. I do a lot of hunting knives with 100 or 200 thru 600 and then 5/3.5 leather or balsa strop and it’s a very good edge for hunting knives.

    So, in my opinion,a good basic edge, Go. More versatile and expandable sharpener, sport and field. Better clamp, more refinement, versatility and expandable, the pro.

    These are just my opinions and I hope it helps.

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    The angle range on the GO is smaller (15-30 instead of 13-35). The field and sport can be upgraded with the gen. 3 clamp down the line if you decide you would like to do that whereas the GO is not compatible with that clamping system. The field and sport models come with a hard case with room for extras whereas the GO comes with a minimalist roll bag. The GO is an excellent value (especially at the per-order price), but the core models are more full featured.

    It’s a matter of personal preference. I would suggest you consider these questions;  do you care about mirrored edges, hanging hair tests, and the endless pursuit of the “best” edge? If so, then purchase one of the core models. Ignoring the other differences, the micro-adjustments are worth the extra price of admission. It’s not that the GO won’t be able to achieve edges of this caliber (people have been putting hair-whittling edges on knives with the Wicked Edge even since the first WE100 model came out), it will just take more attention to detail to attain the drool-worthy results that the Wicked Edge has become famous for.

    Is your goal is to be able to put a sharp, symmetrical, and repeatable edge on every knife you come across but you don’t really think you’re concerned about the other nonsense, purchase the GO.

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    Let me ask you this, is this your first foray to knife sharpening or have you previous experience and this is another effort along the road seeking the perfect sharp edge?  If you have been sharpening knives with our methods or devices and your looking for the next improvement, then I’d skip the less expensive starter kits and save wasting time, effort and expenditures and bight the bullet.

    I’d recommend you take the plunge and purchase the best Wicked Edge setup you can swing with the most accessories you can afford.  With years using my Wicked Edge Systems and years involved with this Forum, I can’t remember once, anyone who was less than pleased with anything they got.  What I have seen time and time again is the beginning user shortly later was ordering a better more complete setup.  They got bit by the sharp bug searching for better and nicer edges and were intrigued by the more elaborate setups and had to have one.

    Even though I started with a pretty complete setup, I have upgraded that twice, ordered more and more accessories and still bought a newer model.  I love my machines every aspect and use them both all the time.  I recently ordered another new upgrade for one setup to achieve that still better, sharper edge. I got the bug. The desire to have a knife sharpener to give me a good sharp knife is now a fun hobby.



    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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    If you have not used the WE previously and you decide to pre-order the WE GO, $150.00 is a great price and if you decide to upgrade to a more inclusive system you haven’t lost a whole lot comparatively speaking. Any extra strops and stones that you might try with the Go will work if you upgrade to a new system as well.

    Like Organic and MarcH have stated, if you are certain that you really want to get into sharpening then purchase a more comprehensive system. The Pro Pack 3 is the most comprehensive package I believe with most of the attachments and stones you will need, but I believe as I found out, that you will add to it as the addiction to perfection takes hold. LOL

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    I pre-ordered the GO as my first experience with the Wicked Edge System. Considering the pre-order price is barely 2x more than a set of stones, it is a remarkable value. I am not expecting mirrored edges or hanging hair results but I am hopeful it will produce consistently sharper edges than I can get with my limited skills with a stone and a steel.

    I need to pump the brakes every time I come here and read these advice posts. I want to order the Pro Pack 3 but saving over $1000 before trying the GO seems like the responsible way to go at this time.

    I can’t wait until our GOs ship out and we start getting a true report card on the ability of the GO.



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    I think after you sharpen a few knives and the stones break in tacocat that it won’t be long and the PP3 will be yours. It’s what I bought and I haven’t regretted it for one second. You will also have the Go to travel with all though the PP3 fits nicely in a great case and travels pretty well. I’m looking forward to receiving my Go as well, I was curious and had to pick one up. I’m looking forward to demonstrating it to friends. Should put WE in direct competition with other sharpeners and I believe will give better results than anything else at it’s price point.

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