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WE 6x Custom Storage

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    Made this for myself but would be willing to make more if there is interest, but the shipping would require a box and the price of the insert are yet to be priced .   I chose a 16″ metal tool box from Walmart ($20) as it was inexpensive and good quality and available nation wide if there was interest from others .  Plastic boxes  are lighter in weight but are molded with lots of shapes and tapers  to make them stronger, so they are not smooth on the inside and easy to measure.

    These inserts are held in with 4 #10 screws and nuts that also hold on the larger feet I made for this box which  comes with little rubber nibs in the 4 holes from the factory.

    The sizing of the stone holders is big enough to hold a stone/strop with my covers installed but not for a tall Whetstone since I don’t own any.  I only had a small mount of black PLA and a small amount of white, hence the 2 tone.  I could also add 5 more stone holders that would hold the taller stones on the right side, but that removes the free space for other items.

    Thanks for looking!

    The parts holders that are seen in the lid, have magnets from old Sonicare toothbrush head glued into them so they stay in the lid.

    I am open to discuss if anyone is interested.


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    Pretty cool!

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