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    Good morning forum members,
    I’ve been reading the forum for a while and was in the “gathering information” stage. Recently, I acquired WE130 with additional goodies, including MODS offered by Ed and Doug. I’m super stocked, I did my first kitchen knife yesterday, and was happy with the result (used 100-1000 progression and finished with plain leather).
    I’ve been honing my straights for a while using Chosera Super Stones, but I didn’t like playing “guessing angles” game with knives. This system took that out of the equation.
    Thank you all for providing the information to get us, the noobs, started, much appreciated.
    A quick question, how do you clean diamond stones/platens?

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    WE says you can wash them with soap and water

    Personally I use a spray bottle of Alcohol (removes red marker from blade as well) followed with compressed air.

    This questions gets ask every so often and in the past I have seen folks say they use acetone.  Please do not get acetone the stone stops or angle cube adapter as they are made of ABS and will melt.

    Glad you are enjoying your new toys!!

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    Welcome TKC.  I simply wipe my diamond stones with a dry clean towel.  I’ve been using W.E. sharpeners for a while now and this has been sufficient for me.  I guess a can of compressed air spray used to blow dust from computers and keyboards could be used.

    I prefer to keep my diamond stones dry.  Others use little battery powered scrubbing brush devices.  The moisture can lead to rusting to the hidden underside of the stones.  I’ve seen this rust on stones I’ve removed from the plastic handles.

    I can share to avoid degreasing soaps like “Simple Green” as it can loosen the adhesive mounting the stones.  Also some of the newer more recently sold diamond stones are being mounted with a hot glue method.  I don’t know how water or moisture effects the hot glue.

    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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    Thank you, appreciated.
    Has any of you used Belt Sander eraser, aka Natural Rubber eraser, for your diamond stones?

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    I use the same rubber stick on my belt sander –  works incredibly well in removing the resin and wood that tends to plug up the belts.  I’ve never tried it on diamond stones because they simply don’t tend to load up like ceramics or natural stones.  I do use the “Superaser” to clean my ceramic stones.

    I’ve been using Wicked Edge diamond stones since 2011 and have only washed them once – with alcohol.  Even then, they really didn’t need it.  They seem to shed dust and filings readily.

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