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Variance in left and right rod angles

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    I got my Gen 3 Pro, and finally had a chance to try it out. I know the angles on the settings are just a means of getting into the ballpark, but I was wondering how normal it is to have a rather large variance in the left and right rod.  I set the micro-adjust screw that the ball socket is part of to the closest position to the pillar on both sides (so, as far out as it will go).  I mounted a knife, and checked the angles from side to side.  The right was about one full degree more than the left.  Is it an error in how the knife is ground?  I tried mounting it several times, and it was always off by about one degree.  So, I adjusted both sides to be the same angle, and sharpened the knife.   Is this correct?

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    Christ, I have seen this issue related on the forum in the past.  First thing I will say to relieve any doubts you may have.  If the guide rod angles measure the same with the properly zeroed, then properly used digital angle cube, then the bevel angles are set the same to allow the bevel to be sharpened to the same angle, on both sides of the knife edge.

    The brackets on the Gen 3 Pro have a slide mechanism under the blue deck.  The mechanism converts the rotation movement of the angle adjuster lever’s motion to a lateral sliding motion that simultaneously moves both side end brackets in or out in coordination with the levers movements, using sliding pins in slots, mechanism.  These are gross, rough mechanical movements meant to get the angles in and out in a broad but adjustable range.  They only get your angle settings in the ball park.  The micro-angle adjustment screws allow for the gross angle adjustments to be then further adjusted, very precisely.  The gross angle adjustments are just that. They are created by the gross movements of the brackets.  There is +/- range in these movements from side to side, due to the nature of the mechanism.  The micro-adjustment screws allow for the fine precise adjustments, on each side to match the precise angles desired from side to side.

    Be aware that the white angle delineation are simple there to give an indication or approximation of the gross angle settings.  When making these gross angle adjustments I suggest you start with your micro-adjustment screws positioned with enough threads exposed, on both sides, to allow for precise angle adjustments in both directions.  That way you won’t run out of adjustment ability before you have your angles set and matching precisely, on both sides.  If this happens simply move the lever one more click in the appropriate direction then make your fine angle adjustments again.


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