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Using the long blade support?

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    How exactly do you use the long blade support. I positioned the knife using the guide (a-b-c stick) and the metal rod was too thin to support and hold the blade. Am I supposed to move the blade back until the support fits the knife or is there any type of clamping system available. I am going to look at a dremel collet  to attach to the post, would this work?

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    Aloha Matlocc,
    Sorry nobody replied to your question from a few weeks ago.  Very unusual because that is a question anyone of the regulars would have jumped on.

    I only found this post by accident while sifting thru forum headings.  If you were referring to the little rod thing that came with, Ive never used it and most havent Im pretty sure.  Some of us just clamp towards the front and hold by the handle with one hand.

    Others have done mods to attach a more secure “3rd hand” to the base.  Check under MODS and Im sure you can get info from others or there to help.  Cheers!

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    I managed to somehow miss this post as well, but I agree completely with Cliff. It may be useful for certain types of knife (like a long fillet knife–answer to your question: the knife needs to be thin), but I use it very little nowdays. Part of the reason is that it doesn’t work with the low angle adapter, which I use very often. But another reason is I don’t really need it: the clamp of the WEPS is very strong.

    See the picture, where it holds my Fallkniven A1, a beast of a knife.



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    I found too that the long-blade support pin is too small for all but very thin blades – like filet knives.

    Since I received my RAM mount with the clamp attachment, I keep the tip near the vise and instead clamp the handle end to steady it.  Many thanks to the guy who thought that one up.

    From  I have four parts.  The two arm lengths allow me to work a range of knife lengths.

    Diamond ball base  RAM-B-238U

    Short double-socket arm  RAM-B-201U-A

    Long double socket arm  RAM-B-2901U-C

    Tough Claw  RAP-B-400U


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    Yes, the Ram components are very versatile and easy to use for modding a WE.

    Too bad all of the pictures from the older forum format have gone away as there were lots of good ideas there.

    Here are some pictures of my aux support that I made a couple of years ago; you may remember the images from the old forum.  The Ram ball also makes a handy stone stop and safety device when positioned near the point of a knife.

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    Would the suction cup base work with the marble base on WE or will it wobble too much?

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