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    Greetings from Minnesnowta! Just purchased a WE130 about a month ago and am completely head over heels for it. Still have my KME but that is only for a backup at this point. Machinist of nearly 9 years. 2 kids and I’m pretty sure I have my knife problem *cough* situation, figured out. Already searched many times on here, figured I best get the intro’s out of the way sooner or later. Looking to learn a lot!




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    Welcome to our forum and sharpening community Nick.

    We’re here to help.  Many of us share this same problem, I mean situation!


    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Dale Wachholz
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    Welcome Aboard.


    Yeah, yer gonna get hooked.    Any knife with a wicked edge is just such a pleasure to use.

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    I got a birthday greetings email from my baby sister last night.  She and her husband left for Florida for the winter and this year she took her good knives with her.  She says she blesses my name every time one of her blades melts its way through an onion or a potato or a tenderloin.  That’s a big part of why I do this.  So is my obsessive compulsion to make stuff sharp.

    Youse Minnesoootans sent us some snow today (Friday), but you missed me.  Ha-ha.  I think you probably got Dale, though.

    Welcome to the Wicked Edge community of sharp knife nuts.  Like Dale says, yer gonna get hooked.  And us Cheeseheads ought to know.

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