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Trouble with Spyderco

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    Somehow my second picture got lost in the bit bucket of the internet.

    I thought that was an LCD microscope when I first saw it LOL!

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    I recently got my wicked edge and when I tried to sharpen my Spyderco paramilitary 2 today the stones we’re rubbing against the vise, I’ve heard that the low angle adapter solves this issue but I don’t want to have to buy more equipment, is there anyway to solve this without any extra equipment if not are there any less expensive alternatives to the low angle adapter

    Most of my folders are Spyderco.  I have or have had several examples of both the Paramilitary 2 and Para 3 which is essentially the same blade except 0.5″ shorter length.  I sharpen most of my Spyderco blades at 15 dps (I occasionally add a micro bevel on a really hard use knife) and have never had an issue with stone contact on the vise.  One of my current Para 3 is S110v and it performs excellent at 15dps and a bit of a toothier edge as opposed to fully polished.

    Really would like to see a picture of what it looks like.  If you have an alignment gauge what settings are you using?  Were you using an angle gauge to confirm the 15 degrees or just using the marks on the degree bar?

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