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Suggestions on Higonokami.

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    Alan Ryder
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    So Injust picked up a couple higonokami knives. I believe one each in blue steel and white steel. I think the white paper at least is a San mai. Looking for some tips. Anyone have any experience sharping these?  Not sure how the high carbon steels will doncompared to the stainless Im more used to sharpening. They appear to be fairly thick but bevels go half way up the blade.  I have a gen 3 with stone through the 1500 diamond with 6 micron dlf, 1300/1600 ceramics and the the 4/2 strops. Also I feel like it’s time me to feed the addiction and I am debating between the microfine ceramics or adding a set of the lapping films?

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    Alan, I found this video of a guy “Free Stone” sharpening one.  From what I saw from watching this, if you can clamp this unique styled wide spine and wide beveled knife in your WE clamp, with the knife edge high enough up to allow complete, unencumbered, blade access and full bevel contact with the very wide and possibly convexed bevel, sharpening the Blue steel and White steel are not a problem with your WE stones.  The wide contact area you need to make is the real issue.

    I have not seen or sharpened one, personally, but this would be my plan of attack if I were to have the opportunity.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Carbon steels sharpen more easily than similar hardness stianless steels, so that won’t be an issue. If you can’t get the jaws to clamp the spine you might want to check out the accessories section and pick up a set of the jaws for thick blades. Another way to go would be to use the Tormek small knife adapter which will allow you to clamp the knife by the handle rather than the blade. You might also need a low angle adapter to be able to match the edge geometry. Please let us know how it turns out.

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