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Strategy for Masamoto VG10 Gyutou 8.2″

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    Richard Green
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    Here’s my second strategy question.

    About a year ago, I bought a Masamoto VG10 Gyutou 8.2″ chef’s knife. The Gyutou is a “hybrid” knife that combines the super-hard steel and low-angle ultra-sharp edge of a Japanese kitchen knife with the slightly curved shape and double-bevel of a Western chef’s knife. The Masamoto version was highly recommended by Cook’s Illustrated after they tested a bunch of hybrid knives. The Masamoto Gyutou quickly sold out and it was months before my backorder was filled (sound familiar?)

    The knife lived up to my expectations: super sharp, great balance and feel, excellent geometry. It’s by far the best knife in my kitchen collection. The edge stayed sharp for a long time, then I proceeded to touch it up with the EP I was using at the time. I’m embarassed to say that this was the first time I took a really close look at the edge. The edge was beveled on both sides, but to my surprise the bevel was very shallow on one side. Here are a couple of photos:

    Pretty dramatic difference. I probably should have contacted the vendor to see if the bevel is normal for this type of blade, but I didn’t. I don’t recall now which stones I used on the blade to restore the edge. I think it was just the 600 grit, which according to this source is equal to a 5000 grit stone (I’m skeptical — is this really true?) At most I would have used the EP 220 grit, which the above source says is equal to 700 grit. Anyway, the point is that I didn’t re-profile the edge, just touched it up.

    Now, the same source I just cited mentioned in another place that sometimes Japanese knife factories make mistakes like this.

    My first question for the experts: Is that true? Was this a mistake or deliberate?

    My second question for the experts, related to the first: Should I re-profile the edge with equal bevels?

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    Hi Dick,

    That is a very beautiful knife! I haven’t got any Japanese kitchen knives (yet 🙂 ), but if I were to buy one right now, it would probably be very similar to that Masamoto. I love laminated VG-10: functional and beautiful.

    The questions you ask can hopefully be answered in detail by the experts, which I am not. However, I do know that uneven edges (like chisel grinds) are quite common on Japanese knives.

    Ken posted a video on this forum in which he displays how to create such edges: not by choosing a different angle for each side, but simply by abrading more on one side than on the other: here.

    I googled your knife and think I found it here. (Is that the one?) It is supposed to have an asymmetric bevel of 70/30. I am curious to know what the advantage is of such an edge.

    It would be a bit weird if Edge Pro were to use their own grit chart, but I am not sure they do. It seems as if they use the US ANSI standard, just like Wicked Edge does. (Here[/url] is the source.) However, in that case the zknives comparison chart you link to is simply wrong. Maybe Tom can help you out here.

    Anyway, you can find a grit comparison chart for the most common grit systems here.

    Molecule Polishing: my blog about sharpening with the Wicked Edge

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