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Stone touches vise @ 20º & 15º… How get closer?

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    B Berger
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    Hey all.

    I have two problems:

    1. I can’t get the stones at a close enough angle without them coming into contact with the vise.

    I have a CRKT M16-13 in the vise of the pro pack II. Height: Top. Alignment: B.

    In the database, someone said they got 15º on one side and 20º on the other with this blade. I can’t seem to get this close. Even at 20º I’m in contact with the vise. The bar reads 20º when the cube also reads 20º. This is the same no matter what height I set the spine at.

    2. This knife has an angled spine. Meaning that the spine is at a narrow angle, then the angle increases at the middle of the blade, then narrows again to form the edge. This causes the knife to slip when tightened in the vise. I’ve tried putting in a narrow piece of paper to hug the spine, to no avail.

    Thanks much for your help!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I don’t have that particular knife, but here are a couple of pictures of a knife that is similar in design that you might try.

    In the first example, I clamped a knife with a similar design that you describe. Instead of paper to help clamp, I use a thin piece of leather I cut from an old glove. Others use a piece of chamois, and Clay has reported success with moleskin. The leather example I show in the picture is holding the knife firmly.

    An alternative in the second picture, is to clamp the blade near the heel, then adjust the approach to the tip by angling the knife. (I describe this a bit better in this thread.) In my case, I had to remove the thumbstud, but from pictures it doesn’t look like you’ll need to.

    In either example, with this knife clamped I was able to reach 15 deg. per side without hitting the clamp. So perhaps try one of the above examples and see how it works.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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