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Spyderco Paramilitary II s90v wanted?!?

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    Jerrie Barber
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    Folks I have missed the train on this fine knife. I have seen them over and over but none that anyone was willing to let go of. If you have one or two that need a good home I am looking hard. Thanks.

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    You must be willing to spend a pretty penny Jerrie! Last I checked they were around the $400 mark …. You could get a nice custom folder for that I would imagine! I have the equivalent… Carpenters version of s90v in the para 2 – cts-20cp. Ankerson over on bladeforums has said they there’s no discernable difference between the two in edge retention… I would look for one if you can. Just a thought!

    Jerrie Barber
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    I haven’t thought of that so you may have something. Sharpened a Strider SMF s110v over the weekend. I was very impressed with that steel. My goodness it was hard though. I have a. USDA with a para 2 and I am fond of carbon fiber and the s90v doesn’t hurt. I saw the para 2 I am looking for on eBay with a $300 and change price tag.
    How much have you worked with the s90v steel? Is there a huge edge holding difference between that and s30 or s35? What I have read is there is least chipping with the s90.
    Just curious.

    Wayne Reimer
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    I have several knives made from it, and it’s one of my favorite steels. It’s tough to sharpen well.
    Until purchasing the WE a couple of months ago, I’d always sharpened freehand, and it was always a job I dreaded with this steel since it is so tough.

    This will probably sound crazy, but I usually found with free-handing especially it seemed to take forever to see or feel any discerable difference in the edge, then all of a sudden things started to happen.

    I have speculated on “why?” for more than a few hours…am I alligning things on a molecular level before it starts to “cooperate”? Is the act of draggin the blade across the stone heating the steel enough to make it somehow more amenable to being sharpend? I have absolutely NO idea…to me, it’s always felt like there was almost a harder “crust” that had to be dealt with before you started to make any headway.

    Of course I know that’s nonsense…just a perception on my part. On the WE, I do find that I have to both increase the number of strokes per stone to get good results, and pay very close attention to having the stones completely flat on the bevel at all times. It doesn’t tolerate a stone edge being dragged across a sharp bevel; I looks through a Loupe almost like a tear in the edge, not a chip.

    When it’s sharp, I love the steel. I don’t recall ever chipping an edge on it, and it retains the feel of a freshly sharpened bevel for a long time. It’s definetly one of those trade-offs; you almost NEED a good system like a WE to sharpen it properly, but once you have it sharp, it lasts and lasts.

    (the above is completely subjective in nature, and my personal opinions with no basis whatsoever in scientific fact. your mileage may, and likely will, vary)

    Jerrie Barber
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    Thanks for your insights Junior. I have often thought as you have suggested, that friction and heat played a role in sharpening. My experience in this has been with a Busse I own, and WE has made it so much easier to sharpen that hunk of steel.

    I am personally like a kid when it comes to this stuff. I see something or hear of something and feel that it needs to be a part of my collection ASAP. I have the Para 2 in s30v and it is as sharp as a “pocket surgical tool” but the s90v and s110v fascinates me. I guess more in true edge retention more than anything else.

    You said that you had some knives in this metal, could I ask what knives you have?

    Phil Pasteur
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    A paramilitary 2 in S90V will likely be a bit difficult to find. Just checking online today I see none for sale. It was a Sprint Run with a limited number made. If you so find one, count on a very high price for it. I have been looking for awhile myself.

    I did notice this, if you just want to have something in S90V to play with:

    Other than that, figure on going to a custom knife maker for an S90V blade… If you want it ASAP !

    Good luck in your search, and if you find two of them, please let me know. I will take the second one…


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