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    I’d just like to take a minute to give a shout-out to Marc H. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into helping me better understand the process of knife sharpening. My knives are starting to look and function much better than previously, but I still need to fine tune my process. Your emails definitely are a big help. People like you are what helps others help others. Thanks

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    -Terry, thanks for the kind words.

    Just to be clear…Knife sharpening with the Wicked Edge is an individual thing.  By no means is how I do it the only way it can be done.  There are many different methods/techniques we can employ to achieve the sharpening results we seek.  Please take what you like from me, and leave the rest.  Take something else from another one of my sharpening peers.  At the end, put it all together into you’re own individual technique that works best for you.  Then you can give it back and share what you do for someone else down the road.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    I second Terry’s thank you to Marc. He’s been extremely helpful to me personally with trying to better my technique. Thanks Marc!

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