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Sharpening T420 Rada knives

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    Wondering if anyone has any luck re- sharpening T420 stainless steal( Rada Knives) What grits are the proper ones for this type of steel . The Manufacturer has recommended 180 Grit at 33 degree angle. I have tried but not happy with the edge.  I can not get the razor sharp edge back like when I received the knives.

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    Barry from what I researched on the web T420 has a HRc =50.  This indicates it’s a softer stainless steel.  HRc 58-60 is where they are considered hard.  Based on it’s hardness the Rada knife should be relatively easy to sharpen and not too durable to hold this edge.  You didn’t indicate a shape or style to the knife.  If the manufacturer’s recommendation is 33 degrees; inclusive ?,  or 16.5º degrees per side?  I would have to think this is a bit too narrow or acute for steel of this hardness, (i.e., relatively moderate hardness).

    I would look to sharpen it at 18-20º per side.  I would start at 200 or 400 grit diamond stones.  I would think that you could easily take it through 1000 grit and follow up with leather strops at 2º less angle then the sharpened angle.  I would expect it should sharpen up relatively easy and get pretty sharp.  I think it will be easy to sharpen and easy to wear dull.

    Barry, if you could provide a little more info it would be helpful:

    • knife type or style and length?
    • your model WEPS?
    • are your stones new or broken in?

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    I found this

    “When using a sharpening stone run the blade over the stone at a 22.5 degree angle while applying moderate pressure. The angle needs to stay constant as you repeat this process about 10 times. Then turn the blade over and repeat. Next flip the stone over and use the fine grit side to repeat the process. Finally, finish by using sharpening steel. This can be a time-consuming process so be prepared to dedicate some time to practice.”


    Knife Sharpening | Keeping Your Knives Sharp

    Might want to research on sharpening soft steels.  My neighbor has a “sentimental” set of knives . . . Haven’t been happy with the edges I was able to apply.

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    Might want to research on sharpening soft steels. My neighbor has a “sentimental” set of knives . . . Haven’t been happy with the edges I was able to apply.

    My parents have a REALLY cheap set of knives. I think they paid twelve dollars for a twelve piece knife set with block included, so the retailer was still making a profit at under a dollar per knife. I have sharpened them, but the steel rolls so easily that it was just about pointless. The only good thing I was able to accomplish was to remove the damage from the edge that occurred when my younger brother tried to use the hone like the TV chefs do. I want to get them a few new knives, but my mom said that didn’t really interest her because she’d rather not have to bother caring for them. Knives go in the dishwasher at their house.

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