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Sharpening issues

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    John Batinovich
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    Fabulous images and very enlightening.

    Phil Pasteur
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    Absolutely! But until I can get a couple sets of waterstones for about ten bucks at Autozone, my budget has me making do with what I can 🙂

    I’m definitely looking forward to adding more stones and some ceramics to the mix, but it’ll be quite a while before that happens. If nothing else, getting the extra fine grit paper gives some extra experience with different finishes at low cost, as well as being usable for plenty of other things around the shop!

    Just keep im mind.. 3000 grit “P” rated FEPA is eqiuvalent to the 1000 grit WEPS diamonds…

    600 P is close to the 400 WEPS diamonds. This is just grit size. The fact that the sandpaper abrasive is more fiable.. and it comes off of the paper easily, makes it do things differenlty at the edge…

    I tried getting a
    with papers up to 3500 grit… Not really there.

    You can get some of the 3M abrasive papers with PSA, and go down to the one micron level and get a pretty bevel.

    As Steve says, if you ever get to the point of hainve the capital to invest, the waterstones will give you a real pretty ..and scary sharp edge.

    Not sure of what you get at Autozone… but by the time you cut it and mount it… it is more than 10 bucks.. and I am dubious about the results…

    The WEPS Ceramics will do much to get to a pretty edge.. and a real sharp one.
    If you want a real mirror… edge, go with the water stones.. Choseras…not from Autozone…


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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