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Sharpening at the heel when no clearance.

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    The karambit I did and several others I’ve done seemed to be very difficult to sharpen towards the heel or ricasso back area of the edge…This was the best solution I have come up with. It works well but am curious of others have come up with better ways to do this?

    Used a dremel with barrel sander attachment to whittle off the side plastic. :silly:

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    I just ran into the same problem on my spyderco stretch today. Rather than take a section or all the edges off I chose to remove the entire side of the plastic overhang on one side, then the opposite side of the adjoined plate. This way you have full clearance then when you spin the stone around for the next grit, the correct side is also missing. Once you get most of it off with the dremel, you can use an exacto and run the blade right along the plate and make a nice clean cut..and almost de-bowel yourself in the process if you are not careful.

    Dunno, looks clean. not as fancy looking as yours though CliffCurry!

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    I dont know about fancy, but thank you!

    It was a rush job to do a tiny blade and it worked but I’m finding that the indent area is not as big as I would like when working on, like you were, a spyderco. Shame to have a mirror edge the entire length then get to that last 1/8 inch and it looks all junk! :angry:

    Like your idea the way you described it, maybe Ill have to widen mine out a bit more then. Aloha!

    Steven N. Bolin
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    Josh from Razor Edge Knives did something similar! We were actually chatting about this in another thread sometime last week. Maybe he’ll chime in at some point.

    I think I might go ahead and take a Dremel to mine as well… What else is there to do on my day off?! 🙂

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    Hey! Yeah I removed the entire plastic lip on both sides on some of my stones, and on only one side on a few others. Doesn’t really matter as long as you have unhindered access to the very edge of the stone. I like doing the entire length because that way you can get nice clean grind lines all the way from heel to tip, not stuttered ones where you short stroke it.

    Easiest way I found was with a belt sander, but a dremel should work just fine!! may just take a little longer. If you need me to do any for you just send em my way!

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