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Sharpening a Hawkbill

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    Anyone have any experience doing one? I got a request over the weekend and don’t know if I’m setup to do one. That curve kind of makes me nervous.

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    It is always nice to see photos, but you might benefit from the semi-round stones for curved blades.

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    I did this one with the regular flat stones, using the same methods as with any other knife:

    Untitled photo

    If you want to keep the tip sharp, you’ll need to “follow through” as you sweep through the entire length of the edge.  Do not let the stone rotate as you leave the edge, as that will round-over the tip.

    Unless the concave radius of the edge nearly matches the radius of a convex stone, the contact is limited to a rather short segment of the stone.  With a flat stone, contact is made at two points – the edges of the stone.  Same principle as when you follow a normal knife’s belly with a flat stone – contact is made primarily at a short segment of the stone’s surface.

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