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Progression for recurves.

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    I just spoke to Kay at WE by phone to make a change to my order. I wanted to add the curved porcelain stones for use on my ZT recurves and she recommended going from the 1000 grit diamond stone to the 600 grit curved ceramic to the leather strop with 5 and then 3.5 micron diamond paste and then to the 1.5 and .5 micron strop and then to the kangaroo just naked with no paste to get the best mirror polish on my recurves.

    So my question here is, how much scratching will a leather stop with various levels of diamond paste remove. For example could I go from say 600 diamond stone to a leather strop with 5 micron paste and just strop for an hour or what ever and end up with the same result as if I went through all the increments of diamond (600 > 800 > 1000 grit) and then ultra fine ceramic to leather?

    I know in theory this would work, but I wonder if it would just take way too long and too much effort to use a strop to do what a diamond or ceramic stone would do.

    The reason I ask is because there is nothing curved over the 600 ceramic for a curved edge unless I find some sandpaper to glue to the curved stones which might ruin the surface of those stones.

    I suppose when I have my WE system this will all come together for me, but for now since I can not get my hands on it, have to due my research in what ever way I can so your experience and knowledge is appreciated.

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