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10/11/2017 at 8:22 pm.

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      Yesterday I posted a post, but it didn’t show up in the recent items list or in the list for that forum. I reconstructed the post and then it appeared.

      After that, this has happened twice to me today. Could it have to do with the site currently being so slow? (See my post above.)

      And today, now I’m editing a lot of posts, I see that quite a few edits are also not carried through.


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        I did type a paragraph in italics today and enclosed this paragraph with brackets.  When posted the bracket enclosed italic font paragraph, did not post along with everything else.  It was just left off!

        Later when I tried to edit it the text was visible inside brackets when editing…removed brackets and text then showed as normal when submitted after finished edit.




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            Gents – I’m looking into the site performance, and I’m not sure if that might have caused any problems with topics or replies not appearing. I have checked the usual suspects (in our case, the spam folder, per akismet; or, the trash folder, where things could possibly have been accidentally deleted). I do see a topic in the Trash folder from yesterday (10/10) but it’s empty (no text) so I’m not sure how it got there.

            For the issue of text within brackets, not appearing, I’m similarly not sure what happened. In general, web software like wordpress will “escape” i.e. ignore certain characters, in case someone is trying to execute code by posting it inside a text box. But that shouldn’t happen with normal straight brackets.

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