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    Hey guys,

    You’ve probably noticed the new look of the form. The function is the same but the look corresponds more to the design of the new site. You can preview the new site here: We’re working on upgrading the whole experience. Kyle is developing a quick wizard to help select the upgrades that are compatible with your system by walking you through a couple steps to help identify which system you have. Sarah and Liz are working on a shopping assistant that can help users determine which sharpener best fits their needs and we’ve added a feature comparison component to help people quickly see which units have which features. To check out the comparison feature, click on Sharpeners and then select a couple by checking the little boxes under the product listings and then click the Compare button that pops up at the top right. You’ll be able to see all the features listed in a table for the units you selected. I’m working on a new Grit Comparison Chart to update it with all our grits. Please have a look if you have time and all feedback is welcome.


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    I clicked through some of it… looks good!!

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    First class and very contemporary

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    That’s a very clean look, Clay! I like it.

    Molecule Polishing: my blog about sharpening with the Wicked Edge

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    Great look Clay! Just checked it out and it works great. I spent a lot of time comparing different systems before I purchased the pro pack 3. This will make things much easier for future users. Good job to all the folks involved on your team.

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    Agree with all above.  Nice, newer format.

    1.5 years now and still love to sharpen a knife on my Gen 3 Pro!



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