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Offset blades–Multi-blade folders

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    I’m looking at my mid-size Swiss Army Knife, and the smaller blade is offset to the right of the centerline of the handle by about 5/16″ when I clamp in my Tormek Small Knife Holder.

    Am I correct in thinking I can use the fine angle adjustment screws to compensate for this, or is there another technique I should use?

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    When using the Gen 3 Pro attempting to make individual bevel angle settings on each knife side you may have to play around with the center lever gross angle setting and the individual micro-angle adjuster knob positions to achieve this goal.  It’s a balancing act.

    An alternate method would be to place a shim of sorts between the knife handle and the Tormek holder on the right side of the knife handle in order to shift the knife blade back to the left as the holder centers the widened handle.  A wooden paint stirring stick might work well for the shim.

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    If the blade is vertical, it doesn’t matter if it’s not centered over the vise.  Moving the microadjusts to matching angles will re-center them relative to the blade.

    The offset is only a problem if it is so large that the stone on the one side hits the vise or if the difference exceeds the micro-adjust range.  The Tormek adapter usually raises the blade high enough to avoid that problem.

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    Thanks, guys!

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    I just use the sharpie to get the bevel angles and go with it.

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