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    I’m new to WE and knives for that matter.  I truly need some help finding a knife or two or three.  Thing is, I’m WE rich and $ poor, so my budget is only in the $40 range/knife.  I’d like a folding pocket knife for general use.  Maybe something that doesn’t have a thumb stub…I’ve already run into issues removing a thumb stub from a knife I already own.  Also, keep in mind I’m new to the WE system, so blade shape is a consideration, as I likely won’t be able to work with anything too fancy.

    Thanks so much.  I’ve already learned so much here, reading and learning from all the collective knowledge that you’ve all contributed to.  Wish me luck!

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    Everybody seems to love the Steel Will Cutjack knife. Those go for about $40, don’t have a thumb stud, have a standard blade grind, and come in D2 steel.

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    A while back I was purchasing inexpensive folding knives from Amazon just to gain sharpening experience on that style knives, since most of my experience up to then was with kitchen/chef’s knives or fish filet knives.

    I found lots of knives under $20 dollars.  Here’s a couple I found.

    Buck Knife


    There’s lots more.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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