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Noob question – Tilting

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    I am fairly sure this has been answered, but really not able to find the question so here goes.


    I put in a knife using the two pronged tool. then I go to find my angle and one side of the knife reads 20deg and the other side reads 26deg. This leads me to think that blade is leaning to the right or left.  How on earth do I place the knife in the clamp and insure it’s perfectly at zero?


    I find i can easily tilt  it by twisting the knife with my grip.  I must be mounting it wrong but I don’t see another way to mount it correctly.  If both sides of the clamp did flex then I could see you could angle both sids to match the grind of the knife. Then lock down that angle and tighten it up and it would be at zero deg.  Instead, the left side is fixed and the right side is able to tilt witht the two bolt tightening system but then your just alinging to the fixed left side and that will make your knife “tilt” to the left.   God I hope this makes sence.

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    From your post I believe you have two issues.  First clamping a knife securely in the Standard Vise models (WEGO, WE100 or WE120) so it won’t move or shift.  Second, correcting for the leftward clamping blade lean that’s an inherent characteristic of all these standard vise models.

    Here’s a video by Clay that shows how to properly clamp a troublesome knife so it holds securely. (If you don’t know, Clay Allison is the owner of Wicked Edge).  There are a couple other YouTube videos on that same theme.

    Here is a link to good information on clamping from the Knowledge Base.

    Here’s a W.E. forum post by tcmeyer that explains well how to correct for the left blade lean.  There’s a link to a video he made also.  The entire thread is worthwhile reading.  Tom, tcmeyer is a longtime forum contributor and an expert W.E. sharpener user.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Thank you, that was a great help. Yup, I have not been using the clamp correctly.  I will make the FFG adustment when I adjust the stones.

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