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    I have an older Pro Pack I. I have the 100/200, 400/600, 800/1000 diamond stones, and a set of 5/3.5 strops. I can add one set of stones at this time, but I’m unsure what would be the best choice.

    So the choices are, 1500 diamond, super fine ceramic, or micro fine ceramic.

    Which set would you choose, and why?


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    Steven, what is you’re end goal?  Sharp or polished?

    The 1500 grit is a great diamond stone.  The results are a very fine and even scratch pattern resulting in that extra fine edge both in sharpness and shine.  It’s both a good ending point for the other grits in the diamond stone progression and a good starting point for the Diamond lapping films.

    I generally finish my sharpening progression with the 1500 grit and follow that with a stropping progression, then call it sharp.

    The downside for some users is the 1500 grit is only paired with the glass blank platen.  If you’re not interested in going the route of lapping films it seems a waste of another opportunity to use that second side of the handle.

    The ceramics stones receive mixed reviews.  The “superfine” ceramics (1200/1600 grit) and the “microfine” ceramics (1.4µ/0.6µ) are different behaving to me.  These ceramics are made by different methods and feel different, when using them.  My preference is to not use these two types of ceramics together; one pair or the other.  I don’t find there to be any advantage.  My preference is the Microfine Ceramics.

    The ceramics are a long lasting stone.  They’ll provide both a sharper, refined edge, and improved bevel polish.  They seem to have a long break in period before you’ll see their best results.  Because of this I believe many users haven’t stuck with them long enough to realize their true benefit.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    I think Marc is right on in his follow up question. The 1500 grit diamond is a stone that you will want eventually because it is a very efficient followup to the 1000 grit. The 1200 / 1600 progression gives a very similar result to the 1500 diamond stone alone. For that reason, I would recommend the 1500 / glass over the 1200 / 1600 pair. Diamond lapping films (which go on the glass) will give you a very fine edge that is polished. The downside is that the diamond films are consumable and are a more expensive route to go.

    The alternative to the 1500 / glass that makes some sense is the 1.4 / 0.6 micron ceramic. Everything Marc said about this pair is true. They don’t give as brilliant polish as the diamond films do (more of a hazy shine), so the 1500 / glass is the obvious choice if polished edges are the goal. The 1.4 / 0.6 ceramics will take many more strokes to replace the 1000 grit scratches when compared to the 1500 diamond because ceramic doesn’t cut as rapidly as diamond. On the other hand, the ceramics are long lasting and produce a very nice edge for a multitude of cutting tasks.

    All things considered, I suggest that you go with the 1500 / glass as the next stone choice. Pair it with the 6 micron film and you won’t be disappointed.

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    I agree with the others, 1500 will be the next stone that I purchase.

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    Thanks for all the help folks…1500 it shall be!


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