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Newbie question/ advice for a beginner?

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    Hello all, this is my first post, so I am pretty new around here.

    I have an order placed for a Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro pack 3 currently, and am trying to learn as much about the system as possible so that I can get right to sharpening when I finally get it. I understand most of the basics already, like marking the edge with sharpie to ensure you are hitting the apex, burr formation, running through the grits, etc.

    However I have a more niche question in regards to small knives. Is it possible to sharpen small, sub two or three inch blades in the Wicked edge like the Spyderco Dragonfly, Chaparral, or Urban?

    Also, if anyone has any more tips, tricks or knowledge for when I get my system, it would be much appreciated!




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    Hi. Welcome.  Regarding those Spyderco blades you shouldn’t have any issue with a “typical” bevel angle for a pocket knife like =>15 dps.  Most of my folders are Spyderco’s and any of their models with their traditional “Leaf” shaped blade work just fine.

    This issue one can have in this system with smaller blades is typically those that are short in height, not length.  Too short of blade height can make it difficult to get the desired angle setting without your sharpening stones contacting the vise.  Picture a small paring knife that has a relatively short blade height.  There are work arounds such as a lift block under the clamp or employing the use of a Tormek small blade holder or sharpening on a more obtuse angle.

    I’m sure others will chime in with more detail.

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