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    hi. Just got into this we and it’s fun. Problem is most of my knives are Microtech and blades to small to clamp in well. I read through the forum and have ordered the tormek small knife holder so that should set me up for success with these blades. I have been practicing on an old shrade hunting nice and have reprofiled it a few times just to scrub the stones and am using air compressor to clean between moving anything so I won’t gall my vise or angle rods. Figured it was a good way to scrub my stones in anyways. I have a can of food grade silicone I am tempted to spray on the rods to make the blocks move smoother. Any input?


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    The silicone should be fine. I’ve seen others report using a gun cleaning rod and a lubricant to free up the movement of stones on the rods. The Tormek is probably your only real option for clamping those Microtech knives.


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    Welcome to the forum Dnjiemor,  I wipe my guide rods, from time to time with a silicone rag like one used to wipe down guns and fishing reels.  I also pull a small swab of the same cloth through the sharpening stone handle bores, with a thin cord.  I drop a small paper clip, acting as a weight, down through the bore, then pull the silicone wad through the bore tube with the thin cord.  This does make a marked improvement.

    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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