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    Roger here. In my 60’s, overweight, not too sharp, but do like to hunt for food and process it too. Got married once, now have lots of grandchildren. Praying s lot more. 40 yrs + working as a technician  for a very good  eorld wide communication  company.

    Coworker told me about this Wicked Edge sharpener. Made sense. Bought one. Gen 3 pro. Very happy, happy, happy .  Hope to help others to appreciate the value of a sharp knife.  A friend offered to give me one of his cooked briskets for sharpening.

    Something I do now while “grinding” is to have a wet sponge with Dawn and water handy. I wipe the diamond stones off while using. CLAY was right. This keeps the metallic shavings down to a minimum and keeps the stones clean.

    Now if I can only get my own life “sharp”.  God bless.

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    Welcome to the Wicked Edge Forum, Not2sharp.  I’m glad your liking the Gen 3 Pro.  I like your sharpening for Brisket deal.  I have a friend I sharpen his knives in exchange for fresh fish. LOL  Bartering is a good way to go.  Everyone get something out of it.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Welcome not2sharp. Glad you are happy do not hesitate to ask questions and there is a lot of tricks and tips here.


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    Dale Wachholz
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    Welcome Aboard Roger!      I am a fairly new member too.  Marc already beat me to my own reply on you getting the better deal.

    I am finding that I really enjoy spending time putting a beautiful edge on a knife.  And I’ve done it once!  Point is, and you’ve read this, give yourself time to learn. Be patient and slow.  Practice on knives that you don’t care about.

    I also really enjoy reading thru the forums. There is SO much information I was overwhelmed at first.  But I am catching up.

    Like David says, don’t be shy about asking questions.  The members here are really good about helping us new guys.




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